Harley Davidson’s good reliability now a problem for it

Editor@Throttle|Updated: October 8, 2018 9:19

Harley-Davidson has a new rival. Turns out, Harley's biggest rival now is Harley itself. Now, used Harley-Davidson motorcycles have grown in population. Those owned by enthusiasts tend to be well maintained and instead of investing in a new motorcycle, young buyers are opting for these used motorcycles.


In the US, three used Harley-Davidson motorcycles are sold for one new unit that is sold. About a year ago, the numbers were the other way around. New motorcycle sales in the U.S. are down by half from a 2006 peak, while used sales are up 13%. This is the fourth year when Harley is undergoing a decline in sales. A large number of used Harley-Davidson motorcycles have accumulated after years of healthy sales numbers. And younger buyers are preferring to buy used bikes over new models.


Now, Harley-Davidson in working on turning around the situation, introducing new models and more in the pipeline that will be rolled out in 2022. One of these new motorcycles will be Harley's first ever all-electric motorcycle, which has been unveiled and will be launched next year. Just last month, Harley-Davidson India announced its entry into the used bike segment promising warranty as well. Harley-Davidson India introduced the Harley-Davidson Originals, a pre-owned bike programme will prove to be an easier way for several potential customers in India to own a Harley at smaller price tags, along with pre-sale inspections that are carried out by the company itself.


Article Source : FinancialExpress