Hassan MotorWorks LA, USA

admin@throttle|Updated: August 9, 2016 15:48

“Art is not a handicraft, it is the transmission of feeling the artist has experienced.”- Leo Tolstoy.

Art is everywhere. We all are artists in our own ways. A programmer’s art is in the way he writes his codes, an accountant’s art is in the way he manages finances, a lawyer’s art is in the way he drafts dossier and so and so forth. Similarly, building a custom bike is an art too.
Meet Hazan Motorworks, a Los Angeles, California based custom motorcycle shop who believe that motorcycles are an artistic medium. A build at Hazan Motorworks begins with just a motor and the motorcycle takes shape around it. Aptly put, Hazan Motorworks describes itself as “Art through Motorcycles”.

It all began when Maxwell Hazan was at his Dad’s workshop staring at a pile of bicycle parts and wondering what can be done to pass his time. The result was a bicycle that did 70mph that Hazan thought of building motorcycles. This motoshop is driven by art and their creations make this point only stronger. The design ideology remains the same across the various builds using different motors, to build something without compromise and let the basic idea and the motor do the talking.

What grabs the most attention are the exposed mechanicals and the simplicity that the motorcycle gets with it. The motorcycles seem purpose built, well almost but the attention to details is mindblowing.