Honda Aims to Take over Royal Enfield’s Market Share with a New Cruiser

Editor@Throttle|Updated: October 27, 2018 15:57

The 250 cc to 500 cc cruiser segment is a very niche market in India, which is currently ruled by Royal Enfield. Honda aims to introduce a product in this market as a serious competitor to Royal Enfield. Many other companies have tried to capture this market space and have not quite succeeded. There also is are other brands who are looking forward to capturing this market. Honda has been rather vocal about their plans to introduce a product in this segment. Honda does not offer any cruiser in its range as of now.


There were rumours of Honda introducing a new cruiser, believed to be called the Rebel, but we will not see them coming to our market anytime soon now. The main reason for the bike not coming was the inability to match the pricing that Royal Enfield offers. Well, it seems it will take time but Honda will definitely come up with a product in the future. “That is one of the biggest challenges for us. We have been undertaking customer surveys and product development. As of today, I am sorry to say we don’t have anything concrete to say.” said  President and CEO, HMSI, in an interview.


Article Source : Motoroids