Honda CBR250RR will not make it to India.

admin@throttle|Updated: August 30, 2016 13:33

Honda recently admitted that it will not launch the CBR250RR in the Indian market. A model like the CBR250RR for the Indian market might never generate enough volumes to justify the development cost and initial investment. The CBR250RR is a lot more advanced than the CBR250R, and hence it comes with a higher price tag than its rivals.


That is not an encouraging piece of news for a price sensitive market like India. Instead, the sporty bike CBR250R will come in new color schemes and graphics. Honda is working on launching the Africa Twin bike to India in 2017. Currently it is also working out plans to upgrade its range of vehicles to BS IV norms and fit its bikes with AHO (all time headlight on) that will be mandatory in India soon. 


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