Honda Pays Tribute To CB750 With Custom CB1000R

Editor@Throttle|Updated: March 11, 2019 17:51

To celebrate 50 years of the first ‘superbike’, Honda Italy and Roma Motodays came up with this special creation on two wheels. Honda CB750 first appeared at the Tokyo Motorcycle Show in 1968. It was widely hailed as the most advanced bike of its time, having a transversely mounted air-cooled four-cylinder motor with a single overhead cam which could get it to 190kmph.


Other features included a front disc brake, electric starter, and flashing turn indicators. The bike tasted success at the track as well and is widely regarded as one of the best motorcycles to come out of Honda. This feat also won the bike many awards, got it inducted in the AMA Motorcycle Hall Of Fame, and was also described as Discovery Channel’s ‘Greatest Motorcycles Ever Made’.


Honda Italy, who in collaboration with Roma Motodays have built a one-off Honda CB1000R as a tribute to the CB750. Named the ‘Tribute’, it gets an Iridescent Blue and Gold paint job similar to the one found on the CB750. The Honda Wings logo on the fuel tank has been replaced with the Honda nameplate similar to the vintage-era Hondas, and a vintage Honda Wings logo sits on the fuel tank. Another interesting update is the unique SC-Project exhaust system that mimics the twin-stacked exhaust layout of the first CB750’s. The mudguard-mounted number plate holder is replaced by a conventional tail-mounted unit and the alloy wheels have been replaced by spoked wheels to complete the classic look. The bike was on display at the Roma Motoday show from March 7 to 10.


Article Source : ZigWheels