Honda Unveils Self-Balancing Motorcycle Concept at CES 2017

Sanad Qazi|Updated: January 11, 2017 10:04

Honda has showcased its futuristic self balancing motorcycle at CES 2017 in Las Vegas. The self balancing motorcycle comes with a new technology, named as  ‘Riding Assist’ concept.  


The motorcycle does not use a gyroscope for the purpose of self balancing. This is the only factor that makes it so unique among all other products worldwide. Honda’s front forks use raking and movement of the front wheel in such a way that the motorcycle balances itself like expert cyclist around the world. The clever technology not just ends here as there is one more secret for the new concept.    


It can cleverly follow you without the need of a rider on its saddle. All of this technology has been sourced from Honda’s UNI-CUB, helping them in deeper research on the matter. They have currently no news that when will the riding assist option be available in production machines. Although, the concept is based on NC750 platform, making the bike actually useful and half ready for upcoming practical road conditions.  


Honda even has a full length video for the description of technology being used on this new concept. Using this technology, the weight of the motorcycle can be kept under check, which raises with the use of gyroscope and other sensors. Honda has been a known name in flourishing technologies and they have been carrying out extensive research on technologies from a long time. This even helps in making their present machines more refines than ever.  




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