Indian Motorcycles introduces Ride Command touchscreen system

admin@throttle|Updated: August 30, 2016 13:28

Touch screen infotainment systems have been a common sight on cars. Bikes on the other hand seem to be lacking this feature. Given the space constraints on the motorcycle, basic information is all you expect from the instrument cluster. But this does not apply to Indian Motorcycles, of course.

Indian Motorcycles have launched their 2017 Chieftain and Roadmaster motorcycles, with a standard infotainment system. The 7-inch unit has been integrated into the dash and according to Indian, offers the best display in the industry. The Ride Command system can be easily customised to the rider’s preference. Ride Command links up through Indian Motorcycles premium audio system (100 watts on Chieftain and 200 watts on Roadmaster).

The touchscreen is located in close proximity to the rider and offers an intuitive interface, with modes and shortcuts. The touchscreen has two-finger touch capabilities featuring pinch-to-zoom like a smart phone. Best part being that the system can be easily operated while wearing riding gloves.

Source : Top Gear