Johammer J1 motorcycle

Editor@Throttle|Updated: February 16, 2017 11:23

Johammer J1,  developed in Austria is a futuristic electric cruiser with innovative energy technology. The bike features an aluminum chassis and plastic bodywork. The J1.150, with a smaller battery pack, has a reported range of 150 miles; while the J1.200 has a range of 200 miles.


The battery pack is centralized below the rider, while the electric motor and controller are in the rear wheel, supported by a single-side box-section aluminum swingarm. The twin front swingarms employ hub center steering. Each end connects to a horizontal shock absorber within the chassis. The 150 weighs 350 pounds, the 200 is 390. Wheelbase is 1455mm, seat height is 650mm and the lean angle is 43-degrees. The bike is equipped with a reverse gear for ease of parking. Turning the throttle forward provides braking and regenerative battery power; the disc brakes are used for low speed braking.


The handlebars and footpegs are adjustable. The Johammer has no central instrument panel; data is displayed by LED windows in the rearview mirrors. The center of gravity is listed at 350mm, which “offers a secure feeling and very comfortable ride.” Hammerschmidt says another advantage of the design is its potential for use as a storage battery for home use. “A motorcycle like this is weather-dependent, so no vehicle is better suited for a secondary role as storage.” The bike is available in silver, white, blue, yellow and green and custom paintwork is also available on demand.


The 150 lists for 22,900 euros ( Approx. Rs. 16,28,075), the 200 for 24,900 (Approx. Rs. 17,70,697). Hammerschmidt has undertaken a crowdfunding program in order to expand production. 


Article source : RideApart and Johammer