Kawasaki to develop Artificial Intelligence for motorcycles.

medha@Throttle|Updated: September 14, 2016 10:32

Kawasaki is set to develop artificial intelligence for motorcycles. The idea is that the bike will have a 'personality' which will grow as it learns more about you and your riding style. Using Information and Communications Technology, the system called the 'Emotion Engine' will have the ability to read emotions and instructions from the rider's voice using an 'Emotion Generation and Natural Language Dialogue System'.


This means that the AI system will be able to understand the emotional state of the rider and, using data from the bike and information available on the internet to help improve the ride. It can then interpret how best to deliver the information from advice on riding and travel conditions to altering the bike’s settings to best suit the skill and riding style of the rider.


The bike will grow its own personality in response to the rider, meaning that the more it’s used better the riding experience should be. With the bike and rider constantly developing, Kawasaki hopes to enhance the experience of riding to better benefit both the rider and the machine.


The system is being developed by cocoro SB Corp, which has already developed ‘Pepper’, a robot that interacts with its users by reading their emotions. This would be the basis of the system that will go on the bike.


Source : www.motorcyclenews.com