Know Your Bike : What does RTR in Apache mean?

Editor@Throttle|Updated: August 4, 2017 11:28

Ever wondered, what RTR stands for in Apache?

RTR is Racing Throttle Response.  Throttle Response or vehicle responsiveness is a measure of how quickly the internal combustion engine can increase its power output in response to a rider's request to acceleration. It is often confused with increased power but is more accurately described as time rate of change of power levels.


The throttle in a petrol engine is a butterfly valve that controls the air pumped into the carburetor to make the air fuel mixture that is pushed into the pistons. The throttle control is what determines the fuel efficiency, and the response time of opening or closing of the throttle to make a lean or rich mixture is what throttle response is. The accelerator is connected to the throttle, thereby helping you control at what speed you would like to be.  RTR is a technology meant specifically for the carburetor engines.