Koenigsegg Motorcycle

admin@throttle|Updated: August 9, 2016 15:55

Does the title confuse you? Let me clear it for you. Burov Art, a Russian designer visualises what would it be like, a Koenigsegg motorcycle, if the Swedish manufacturer, popularly known for mass producing road going hypercars ever decides to make one.
Staying true to Koenigsegg’s philosophy of producing cars that are mind numbing fast and carry a price tag which is no biggie for a select few, the motorcycle is fit with things that make wheels go fast like super sticky Bridgestone tyres, ultralight carbon fiber fairing and a minimalistic design. Apart from the fitments that would make it super efficient at going fast, the motorcycle is a looker and sports underseat, twin exhaust pipes, a beefy YSS Moto (Premium American Racing Suspension systems) front suspension setup and a generous LED instrument cluster. An interesting thing is that in this age of monoshock rear suspension, Mr. Burov has gone old school and fit the yellow bike with blue, shiny Nitrox springs on either side of it. The Burov Art Koenigsegg motorcycle uses a chain drive, however, the chain sprocket sits on the right hand side of the motorcycle.

You might have guessed by now that this is a concept and if it were to hit Koenigsegg’s assembly line any time soon, it will surely cost a bomb but boy oh boy will it make heads turn!