KTM 1290 GT

admin@throttle|Updated: August 9, 2016 16:00

KTM unveiled the 1290 GT at EICMA, the biggest annual international motorcycle expo at Milan in November 2015.

Based on the flagship Super Duke, the 1290 GT has been termed as a sport tourer, with a retuned 1301cc V-Twin as KTM call it “(for) more appropriate power delivery,” maintaining the same power figures but moves peak horsepower from up to 9,500 from 8,865 and moves peak torque down from 7,750 rpm to 6,750 rpm albeit. Based on the photo gallery of the GT, it seems more of a tourer than a GT to be honest!
To make the bike a better mile muncher, it sports cruise control, heated grips, a tire pressure monitoring system, LED cornering lights, a 3-mode semi-active WP suspension and self cancelling indicators..
On the electronics front, the GT hosts more than a handful including KTM’s incredible lean angle sensitive stability control system, which makes it a task to make the bike crash.
The pegs have been lowered slightly and the bars can be moved 22 mm to one of four different positions. In terms of mechanics, the GT sports a slipper clutch, quick shifter, and optional HHC (Hill Hold Control) and MSR (Motor Slip Regulation). HHC is an aid which won’t let the bike move backward while on an incline. MSR “prevents the rear wheel from losing grip, should the rider chop the throttle or dump the clutch when downshifting.”
Weighing in at about 230 kgs with a full tank of about 22.7 liters, the bike wouldn’t be a task to ride through known and unknown roads but those performance figures are surely going to make it more than a handful!

However, there is no news if the GT is coming to India, just like the Super Duke.