KTM 390 Duke Scrambler

admin@throttle|Updated: August 9, 2016 15:58

The Scrambler culture has hijacked the motorcycling community. With every brand offering one from their stable, the prospective take-it-anywhere motorcyclists are soon to be in a fix. Gone are the days when an enthusiast had to get one made to suit his tastes from scratch. Not that this type of motorcyclists have reduced, they never will and they also shouldn’t! Where will we find pure work of art on two wheels otherwise?
Pumping enough power to tackle every reasonable situation, Scramblers are fast, nimble and versatile. Quick question. What three-letter word comes to mind when I say that? Yes, KTM.
The KTM line of motorcycles needs no introduction barring one point, there are no KTM scramblers in India yet which is custom made nor is the company manufacturing any. Fret not, Faaster Wheels’ Marla, a RC390 based custom cafe racer and Aseem Singh Pawar‘s Flying Sikh are the only custom KTM’s that are out there. While Pune-based Faaster Wheels’ Marla sticks to the RC390’s mechanicals but has made them better by using upgraded parts and add-ons, Aseem’s Flying Sikh borrows the Frame of a Duke 390 and the engine from the US-spec Yamaha RD350.
Meet Nina Bowdler, living in Perth, Australia who whizzes around town on her KTM 390 Duke scrambler. Built by Yul of Yul’s Customs in a span of a couple of months, Nina was delivered a one-off, modern day, retro looking Duke 390 which was exactly what she and her husband were looking for.
Nina’s 390 is slightly less orange-y which was one of her requests to Yul. Carrying most of the stock bike, the 390 Duke now looks petite and of course makes you go back in time. Thanks to the extended and custom fuel tank, Nina’s 390 can now store a little more juice. The rear seat rake has been dropped to make it look like a cafe racer/scrambler.

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