Levis Motorcycles V6 Cafe Racer

Editor@Throttle|Updated: August 1, 2018 8:39

British motorcycle brand Levis Motorcycle built its last new motorcycle in 1938, three years before the company shut down. And now, the Levis logo is back in a brand new model, the Levis V6 Cafe Racer. The motorcycle is built around a racing car engine, with a long list of bespoke parts and a very exclusive price tag. The Levis V6 Cafe Racer is the brainchild of two automotive engineers, who chose to revive the defunct British brand, and now moved it into the next level, with the V6 Cafe Racer prototype, following the announcement of the first engine castings.


Levis Motorcycle was among the pioneers of the British motorcycle industry, and was active from 1911 till about 1946. Levis even won at the Isle of Man TT in 1920, but the business never recovered after World War II broke out, finally closing for good in 1948.




The Cafe Racer is powered by a 1,200 cc, V6 engine which makes around 120 bhp, and 120 Nm of peak torque. A supercharged version is also expected to be in plans for development, at a later stage. The powerplant is still under development, and Levis intends to release a close to production model sometime in September this year.


The motorcycle released in the pictures is just a prototype, intended to fine tune the styling. According to Levis, the final Cafe Racer will have better fit and finish, and will look much better in its final form. Two sport models, as well as a Flat Tracker are also in the firm's product plans, as well as a massive 2,000 cc V10 motor to power a cruiser model. Levis is targeting to achieve all of this by 2020, on the 100-year anniversary of Levis' first Isle of Man victory.


Article Source : NDTVAuto