Menza Motors launches Lucat Electric Bike at 2018 Auto Expo

Editor@Throttle|Updated: February 14, 2018 10:15

Menza Motors, an electric two-wheeler startup, has launched the Lucat at Rs 2.8 lakh (Ex-showroom). The company’s first product, the Lucat, is a sporty motorcycle that has the dynamics of a 200cc motorcycle and performance close to a 650cc bike. It is designed as a cafe racer with minimalistic bodywork and 17-inch spoked wheels, clip-on handlebars and a single-seat configuration. Customers can opt for a double-seat option or have it in carbon fibre bodywork as the show bike. Or they can choose from 77 colour options for the bodywork. Overall, you can change everything on the bike (except the frame and chassis components). All this will be made available on the company’s website.


On top of the round LED headlamp is a large touchscreen tablet-like instrument console. It stores rider maps and ride data which can be uploaded on a cloud based computing system accessed through a smartphone app. It also gets a keyless ignition system.


Power comes from an air-cooled brushless DC motor. It makes 18KW (24PS) at 3,000rpm and a humongous 60Nm of peak torque (20Nm available from 0rpm onwards). The motor uses a 150 A controller which caps top speed at 121kmph. Battery used is a 72V lithium ion unit which allows a range of 100km in the city and upto 150km on the highway. Charge time from zero to 100 per cent is four hours, though fast charging allows you to juice it up to 95 per cent in 45 minutes. You can charge the bike using a usual household electric connector.


Bookings for the bike will begin from today, i.e. February 14 on the company’s website. The bike will be sold solely through the e-commerce platform. 


Article Source : ZigWheels