Motivation Track Days

admin@throttle|Updated: August 9, 2016 16:18

“Take it to the track” is a term that can’t be thrown very easily when in India and we all know why; It’s because we only have three facilities that we can go to. What this has led to is that motorcyclists taking over the streets and even though they ride sensibly, it doesn’t appear safe to the uninitiated. A recent trend which can be seen is motorcyclists turning towards go kart tracks in their respective towns and are utilising these facilities to the fullest.

An example of such an initiative is that of Hyderabad based Motovation Track Days, a non profit, motorcycle riding school which believe that learning to ride a motorcycle is a lifelong experience. Their homeground is Chicane Circuit, Leonia Resorts, Hyderabad, a 2kms odd go kart track which is a tight track but fun on two wheels as much as it is on puny go kart wheels.

Conceptualised and founded by youths Anoop Pamu and Nikhil Johnson, Motovation Track Days came into being in April 2015 after a year of planning and it strives to make motorcycling a pleasant experience through training for every type of motorcyclist out there.

Motovation Track Days offers open trackdays and trains the body and mind as they believe that safer riders are safer riders are made by conditioning the mind and body to understand the limits of oneself as well as their machines.
Since April 2015, the Chicane Circuit has seen multiple trackdays which were attended by anxious motorcyclists if not the returning ones. Apart from trackdays, Motovation also organize day or overnight rides, DIY sessions and barbeque evenings.

We would recommend to definitely attend one of their sessions whenever they organize one next especially if you are one of those unlucky blokes who aren’t from Chennai, Coimbatore or Delhi, if you know what we mean!