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Anee Sharma 


Anee Sharma, a B.Tech aspirant from Gauhati, Assam is an adventure freak who had the craze of riding a bike since a young age and had a dream to ride anywhere on Earth. It was always that attitude “to do something extraordinary which normally females don’t actually do”. So, riding a bike was always an inner call and was always supported by her parents. 

She started riding Scooty at a very early and then learnt a bike. She chose the Royal Enfield Classic 350cc as her first bike which is also her current bike because it is a single cylinder, 4 stroke machine which has a high torque at low RPM leading  to have maximum pulling power making uphill comfort and flatten toughest and deadliest terrains, and is born of a rich heritage and bred with royal elegance. It can't be a better reason as it is built for any roads or no roads.
Her memorable riding instance includes a 20 hour scheduled ride from Kasol to Delhi which included riding overnight during her Ladakh Expedition from Assam. Being a sleepyhead, it was really challenging to move on 20 hours at a stretch. And as she made it, it was definitely a proud moment.
A clear message she wants to give is “Women are more powerful than anyone thinks or she herself thinks”. Basically, it is like breaking stereotypes around. There were days when females never thought of being out or being judged to be their self but carrying a personality to ride and travel on own changes the inner confidence and even the society around. 
On the current biking scenario she says that it is like an increasing network of biking relationship of like minded people summed up into single category of 'Brotherhood or Sisterhood' all over. It is always nice to be into a biking community or family and feel the same all over riding to any place and meeting any rider around. 
Her personal achievements include - She is amongst the few female riders from North East to ride to BUMLA PASS( 15,200ft), an Indo-China Border passing Sela Pass, with a height of 13,700 ft connecting the Tibetan Buddhist town of Tawang to Dirang and Guwahati on  March 8 , 2015. She has also conquered Spiti Valley, located in a desert mountain valley, high in the Himalayan Range during her Khardung-La Expedition on  July 10, 2016.
Nirmali Nath
Nirmali Nath, a passsionate rider from Guwahati, Assam was always fascinated with  bikes and travelling. Being from Army background, she has been continuously travelling since childhood, and when she rides there is a cocktail of emotions, happiness and freedom.
Her dream came true in 2014, when she bought the Royal Enfield Classic 350 with her own hard earned money. There has been no looking back since. RE Classic 350 is her first and last choice because it is affordable.  As everyone knows that Royal enfield is for all roads and Royal Enfield is for no roads, she choose RE. She has always loved the style and sound of bullet and had always dreamt of owning it.
She has rode to various states but the most memorable ride of her life is Guwahati-Leh-Guwahati that she started with a co-rider and ended it solo from Leh to Guwahati. She covered 10+ states and 8000+kms during her Guwahati-Leh-Guwahati ride. The best moment was when she reached Khardungla (every bikers dream) and succeeded in tying Assamese Gamosa there. Riding solo for 21 long days was quite difficult,  but the confidence and support of family and friends always encouraged her. 
Though she does not boast about her achievements, she is  among the first set of ladies who rode all the way from Guwahati to Leh Ladakh.The utmost thing what she earned is respect and lots of friends and is always thankful to them. The biggest achievement she says  is getting messages from girls and women that she is an inspiration for them and they are also now determined to fulfill their dreams. Hon’ble Chief Minister of Assam has personally congratulated her. and she got felicitated on several occasions with coverage in newspaper, magazines and radio stations that made her more confident.
A message she would like to give to all riders is to focus on safe riding. 'Please obey traffic rules, wear proper riding gears, boots, helmets coz someone is waiting for you at home. Always respect your family and live your dreams. Our determination and trust upon ourselves is the biggest strength. You can do real wonders to achieve whatever we want. It doesn’t matter whether you are a girl or a boy. For a girl its not easy to ride 8000kms continuously on a heavy motorcycle all alone and conquer the toughest terrains of Himalayas. Those are tough to handle. Girls face many health issues when they are continuously on ride for several days. Still girls are strong enough to overcome all the obstacles. We ladies are not born to work only in our family. We are now getting support from everyone'.
She met with an accident when on ride and had to be operated. But her true spirit of biking has not stopped and she recently explored upper Assam. An MBA HR by profession, riding a motorcycle boosts her confidence. All she wants to say is “Get over your fear, transform your dreams into reality and live life to the fullest”.