MotoGirlIndia : Betsy Agatha Miranda from Goa

Editor@Throttle|Updated: November 15, 2017 9:28
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Betsy Agatha Miranda, a passionate biker from Goa, learnt riding when she was very young. She ran her own biker's cafe and was the chef. Her passion pretty much defines who she is .i.e. food & riding.
She wanted to do something different as compared to what females usually do and hence started riding as fun experiment... which turned out to be her passion. Her very own first bike was a Royal Enfield STD 350 1999 model. She didn't really choose her bike but  knew she wanted a STD older model. As she sat on her to take a test there was just an instant connection she felt with the bike.
The whole experience of running a biker's cafe is memorable for her. She got to meet new riders, old riders, riders from all parts of the country. Connecting with them on the same level of riding was an experience by itself. She always looks forward to Rider Mania every year which is always a new & fun experience.
A special message she would like to give to bikers is 'Always wear proper riding gear & ride safe. And respect your machine & fellow riders'.