MotoGirlIndia Chandigarh : Sukhmani Gill

Editor@Throttle|Updated: January 3, 2018 8:29
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Sukhmani Gill, a female biker from Chandigarh and an army brat has been traveling since she was very young. She got to study in 7 different schools and lived across all corners of the country but Chandigarh has always been her home. She has been riding around the country for the last 5 years and there are still so many more roads to go on. Currently, she is on a six months sabbatical and living the dream of waking up each day and doing whatever she feels like.

There was just something about bikes that fascinated her. She always wanted to own one and ride one since she was in school. To her, they represent freedom and ever since her first ride she just wanted it more and more.
Her first bike which she still rides is Avenger 220 which she bought in 2012 as soon as she started working. She doesn't know why she chose it as she didn't even know how to ride a bike properly when she bought it, but just wanted one. But the reason for still keeping it is the comfort and low maintenance.
Her most memorable ride has been the ride from Kanyakumari to Kashmir as she literally got to ride across the country and experience the different terrains, food, languages but the kindness of people remained the same. Since it was just 2 girls on 2 bikes, a lot of women came up to them and said that they were really happy and inspired to see them and that was something really special.
A special message she would like to give to  bikers is "The number one priority when you get on a bike should always be safety and that doesn't change if its a 5000km ride for a 5km ride. So having your gears always on and riding safely is crucial for being able to get up and ride each day".