MotoGirlIndia : Dipti Patel from Gujarat

Editor@Throttle|Updated: September 27, 2017 9:32

Dipti Patel from Gandhinagar, Gujarat; currently staying in Ahmedabad is an independent working woman and a passionate solo rider. When she is not riding, you will find her at home doing DIY experiments, participate in outdoor games, swim and write poetry. She was fascinated by the idea of biking/riding since childhood. She used to ride her father’s bike when she got the license. But due to studies and job, she could not pursue biking as much as she wanted. So she kept the dream of being a solo rider as her main goal. 


She always wanted a cruiser bike and was craving for long distance rides and decided to go for comfort as well. So she chose the Bajaj Avenger Street 220, which she purchased last year.

Her memorable ride was her first solo ride from Ahmedabad to Udaipur. She was planning since a long time for a solo ride and got a chance on  September 17, 2016. It was the greatest ride of her life, which wasn’t too long but it was definitely liberating. She felt courageous and crazy at the same time which was good; It gave her a sense of life at a different level and a whole new perspective about traveling.


As a person in this great sphere of people she would not like to give any message to anyone but as rider, she would like to say just one thing, 'Let people ride whatever they want, we must not boycott or alienate anyone because of their choice of gear or vehicle. We must support every rider as a family member and not discriminate them by any means. Live and let live just as much ride and let ride'.