MotoGirlIndia : Esha Gupta and Kanchana Ganga from Karnataka

Editor@Throttle|Updated: March 14, 2018 8:01
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Esha Gupta
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Esha Gupta aka Lone gal Traveller , a Dance teacher , a certified Fitness Instructor loves solo riding. She has been on biking expeditions since many years and mostly goes on such trails alone. After zooming past the Golden Quadrilateral (formed by connecting Chennai, Kolkata, Delhi and Mumbai) in 2014, covering 7,000km across 10 cities in 40 days, she has embarked a Journey of 110-day to cover 38,000km - traversing 17 Indian states, which made her entry to Limca Book of Record , India/Asia Book of Record & Golden book of record. Currently she is out on ride to explore the complete NorthEast & Sikkim region and when asked for how many days - there is no timeline nor any plan for this ride :) 

It was her childhood dream to travel across the country. She quit her job as a senior manager at an MNC five years ago to take a ‘break’ and travel a bit, and that break never ended! In 2013,  she spent a month backpacking solo through Maharashtra, followed by a month and a half backpacking through the Himalayas, from Himachal Pradesh to Ladakh and up to Jammu & Kashmir. Being a solo backpacker, she was always using public transport and never booked accommodation in advance. Usually she would find a place for the night by the time dusk fell. She greatly enjoyed living like a gypsy, and  felt secure. She used to interact with locals at all these places, stop at dhabas and talk with random people, and not once has she felt the negativity that people talk about when they hear of a woman travelling alone. Most people have been extremely respectful. Somewhere she started enjoying this vagabond lifestyle, and didn’t want to get back to the daily grind of an office job. She wanted the freedom to be able to travel whenever she wanted to just get out.

During her backpacking days in HP & Ladhak, she saw riders riding in Ladhak and  decided to visit again on a bike. She was riding Activa back then but never knew how to ride motorbike so she asked few of her close friends if she could borrow their bike but it was a big "NO". After a few days she decided to get one for herself checking all the available bikes & keeping her height in mind she always wanted a bike which was silent and did not make much noise . So on Feb 7, 2014, she decided to pick Bajaj Avenger 220 ( aka Mikey ) and it was home delivered as she wasn't knowing how to ride a bike ;) 

Every ride is a memorable ride for her and there are always new incidents which happen and  if she write down about her memorable rides it will be never ending (hahaha) , but yes its Beautiful India ride and she is celebrating being Indian :) 
She is on rides because it’s something that she wants to do. She is not doing this for anybody. There are many stereotypical views about what a woman should and shouldn’t do, hence most women don’t realise their true potential. Women are limited by their thoughts, so her message to all riders would be live life to the fullest and don’t limit yourself; there is nothing you can’t do if you set your mind to it. If you want to do it, go ahead, break all stereotypical images, fight the fear and follow your heart. 
Speaking about Throttle Biking App, she says she is a  tech challenged person :( , but  has seen the app from day one before it was launched to public and till date , she has seen so many new features getting added to the app.  There is so much to explore in this tiny app ... its one stop shop for rides, to buy any riding accessories etc.
She wishes Throttle team all the best for there future endurance.  
Kanchana Ganga
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Kanchana Ganga aka Super Gal, a female rider from Mysuru, Karnataka has been riding since last 5 years and is crazy about touring on her bike. A Yoga teacher by profession, she is a passionate Motorhead. 
She says that the thought of having freedom of going wherever you want , not being dependant on anyone is a great power that you can give to yourself. The power of freedom and power of independence gave me happiness. Her support system is her dad who till date some how calls to check on her at the exact time when she finishes her ride .
She used to have a moped which made her feel restricted . Before buying the Avenger she had tested a lot of bikes and  had almost booked another bike . Just then she got to ride Avenger which gave her the vibes that 'THIS IS IT'. It's overly comfortable for her height (she is 5 feet tall) and she loves cruisers. Currently she owns the Avenger 220.
Her most memorable ride was in Mcleoadganj , Himachal Pradesh. In April, 2016 she hired a red Avenger200 and  experienced rain fall with hail stones (first of that year) with out any warning. Before that , it was burning hot sun and as the evening was setting in, it was freezing cold.  She had no maps , no destination in mind. She literally rode where the road took her . While on her way , she could see  snow capped mountains , lush green trees on  sides and most part of the ride was kaccha roads. She was riding all alone , where her loneliness connected to the heart of the nature . 
A message she would like to give  to bikers is - 'Please let go off the biker ego , every one is on their own journey . Own travel paths. Having a bond with one another is very important. Clubs don't define you , what you ride doesn't define you, nor does your odo'.