MotoGirlIndia : Ibarihun L Nonglait from Meghalaya

Editor@Throttle|Updated: April 27, 2018 9:18
Ibarihun L Nonglait from Shillong, Meghalaya loves bike riding, rallies and  travelling. A fashion designer by profession, she loves to explore new places.
She didn't  have a specific reason that prompted her into riding. Since she travels a lot, she decided to buy a bike to make her journey easy rather than taking  flight, train or  bus. But as years went by, she ended up loving riding. She feels the freedom while riding and it is like all her problems are blown away by the wind.
She didn't have any support for riding till she met some rider friends. As years passed, she met her better half, who has been supporting her in many ways and encourages her everyday.
Her first bike was the Royal Enfield Thunderbird 350. Later she realised that there was issue with the height so she ended up using her better half's Classic 500. Currently she is not riding but is waiting for the Avenger 400 to launch, which will definitely be her new bike.
Her memorable ride was to Bhutan and North Sikkim. On a very narrow road with landslides everywhere it was impossible to even think of going through those roads but that didn't stop her from riding ahead. The steep and bad roads were horrible but it only made her stronger and determined.
A message.that she would like to give is - Being a rider is not about being a tough one. It's about showing respect, being loyal and to be there for one another.