MotoGirlIndia : Maheswarii Marimuthu from Pondicherry

Editor@Throttle|Updated: December 13, 2017 11:13
Maheswarii Marimuthu, a passionate female rider from Pondicherry is also a photographer who loves to show the best moments through her lens. An MBA  by profession, she started riding Bullet at a very young age. She owns a motor cycle club "On & Off Roaders" in Pondicherry with 35+ riders. They conduct rallies for various good causes and encourage women to ride bikes and cars. Her ambition is to ride around the world on her bike. 
She learnt riding as she wanted to show her talent in some unique field as everyone said that women cannot ride. When she started to learn to ride a bike, everyone said motorcycle is not for girls. But her father supported her and here she is riding all superbikes and cars. 
Her first bike is Royal Enfield. She is crazy about its looks, sound, gear and break pattern. She feels that RE shows royalty in front of all other bikes. Currently she owns RE Classic 350 and Yamaha RX135. 
In Jan 2017, she rode to Savejallikattu around Tamilnadu for 4 days, clocking in 2086 kms for a cause. It was the most memorable ride of her life. She met around 5000 people at that time. Many people came ahead in protest to save the native breed of cattle and she was happy because she made a small contribution for the next generation. 
A message that she would like to give out to female riders is  'Dear Girls, come out of your comfort zone, many bikes are waiting here for you to ride around the world . Always Ride Hard & Ride Safe'.