MotoGirlIndia Nagaland : Malina Dev Barman and Bendangnaro (Narolajati)

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Malina Dev Barman
Malina Dev Barman from Dimapur, Nagaland loves bike riding, travelling and exploring places new places. She also enjoys cooking and playing games. She always had a fascination for bikes and travelling. Her inspiration partly comes from her childhood experience. Happiness means different things to different people and for her riding is happiness. When she rides, she feels free and for her freedom is outmost important.
Her dream came true in September 2014 when she bought her own Royal Enfield Classic 350 with her own money. There has been no looking back since. R.E. classic 350 is her first and last bike because she can’t effort to buy another bike. As every one knows that Royal Enfield is for all roads and Royal Enfield is for no roads, she choose R.E. She always loved the style and sound of bullet and always dreamt of owning it.  And the day when she owned it was the best day and also the turning point of her life. 
She has been to many states on her ride, including Nagaland, Meghalaya, Assam, Tripura, Arunachal Pradesh Mizoram , Manipur, Delhi, Haryana and Rajasthan.  The utmost thing what she earned is respect and love. She made lots of friends and is always thankful to them. Riding a motorcycle boosts her confidence, overcomes the fear and transforms the dream into reality and live life  to the fullest. 

A message that she would like to give is Please obey traffic rules, wear proper gears, helmets because someone is waiting for you at home. Always respect your family and live your dreams. Our determination and trust upon ourselves is the biggest strength. It can do real wonders to achieve whatever  we want. It does not matter if you are a girl or a boy. For a girl it is not easy to ride on road continuously on a heavy motorcycle all alone and conquer the toughest of hilly area. Those are tough to handle. Girls face many health issues when they are continuously on ride for several days. Still girls are strong enough to overcome all the obstacles. We ladies are not born to work only in our family. Now we are getting support from every one.
Bendangnaro (Narolajati)
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Bendangnaro (Narolajati), a female rider from Nagaland, India belongs to Ao community. She hails from Mokokchung district and is a police officer, a badminton player by profession, a singer, and a lone lady rider. 
There was no specific reason for her to get into riding. She just felt the urge to try and it happened.She loved the experience and so she started riding. Speaking about her support system, she says that there is not much encouragement from near and dear ones but fans and friends are always there at times of needs who are always supportive which boosts her courage and makes her take up the gauntlet thrown which is quite satisfactory after accepting the big challenge and achieving it.
Her first bike was R15. She chose it because she thought it was sexy She is now riding a Royal Enfield Classic 350 and is loving it the most. She chose RE because she felt it was a more courage boosting bike and the moment she sits on it, she gets that Royal feeling.
Her most memorable biking event is NERM (North East Riders Meet) which she participates every year in the month of November in different north Eastern states The 5'th Hornbill Riders Meet was the most memorable ride because she happened to learn a lesson of riding safely. She met with an accident and got injured badly but that didn't stop her from riding. She just learned to be careful and keep that Safety First thing on her mind while riding. It rather became more challenging and here she is with the story of many long successful rides.
A special message you would like to give to bikers is - She would love to convey her love and -regards to all the riders first. And wish to convey to all to keep the sense of safety while riding. She also wishes to say that we all happened to have the same hobby,and that it is best to keep the bond of friendship that shares the same interest. Let us all respect one another and build the bond of brotherhood and sisterhood, and that we build a big, brighter, stronger, happier and loving bikers world.