MotoGirlIndia : Shikhyata Chhatoi from Odisha

Editor@Throttle|Updated: September 20, 2017 12:23
Shikhyata Chhatoi, from the Temple city of Bhubaneswar, Odisha is an avid biker whose biking journey began in 2016. A software engineer with Infosys, she is breaking the stereotypical barriers of the cocooned society. With no biking background, riding a bike has been a constant scuffle but she wants to fulfil her dreams whether the society wants to accept a girl on two wheels or no. 
Due to congested roads and difficulty in parking her SUV in office, she decided to have a bike and it clicked very well. Her first bike was Yamaha R15 and she chose it for its best features. The smoothness of engine, the curves, the speed and the royal combination made her buy it. She says that every one of us does see features at ground level. She wanted to buy the Yamaha R3 but faced opposition from the family for the higher displacement capacity.
Though she has completed several short rides in the interiors of Odisha,her first solo ride to Kolkata was memorable as she started the ride at 3 AM and it was not easy to juggle and escape through hundreds of drunk drivers with giant monstrous trucks, on the dark roads of NH 16. She got stuck between two trucks and a pile of slabs while overtaking near a speed almost scared her to death when the truck before her stopped and few people got down.She could feel fear from within with thousands of weird thoughts cogging up from some other dimension in her mind. Fortunately, the truck behind moved back to divert and she escaped the scary situation. She has also enjoyed her ride to Chandipur where she rode inside waves.
A special mesage she would like to give bikers is -'Well , most here must be so experienced and cool …I feel like a amateur. But I would like to quote “Life is precious. Live to follow your passion. Remember someone, somewhere will be waiting for you to be back safe . so, ride hard but ride safe'.
Her personal achievements include a solo ride of 500+kms in 5 hours from Bhubaneswar to Kolkata where she rode and explored the inaccessible corners of land. She is part of the group XBHP - Bhubaneswar who is a source of constant motivation and support for many bikers. She is also an active member of R.O.A.D (Rev On And Drive) which has got its base all over India. She had offers from Honda Racing School and few others which she had to decline as she wants to concentrate on her career, but wants to definitely try out later. Recently she was interviewed by Red FM on the occasion of 'Independence Day' to create awareness among youth to let girls grow with them.