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Simranjit Kaur



Simranjit Kaur is a real petrol head. She is in love for motorbikes and cars and loves to go for rides with her biker hubby.


Her love for bikes comes from her father who used to take her on rides and eventually taught her how to ride. Her father taught her to ride his bike Kawasaki Bajaj KB 100 and thus began her biking journey, Then she hopped on her uncle's Bullet 350 which she found very difficult to ride due to its weight and unconventional gear & brake lever placements. The small town girl used to then ride on Bajaj Platina to college where she was stared and confronted at due to her unconventional love for bikes. Being married to a biker has kept her passion alive.


As part of 'Bikerni', an all women riding group, she enjoys riding in groups to various destinations regularly. She rides the Kawasaki Ninja 250R currently as she feels it is arguably the best entry level sports bike in the world​. It's a near perfect​ combination of performance, speed & agility. She says that Although Ninja is primarily a track oriented bike, it falls no short in delivering tasks on daily commutes or long rides. Last but not the least, the road presence it flaunts is just exemplary. At times it is even difficult to ride it around as every tiny break you take would lead you into a swarm of anxious onlookers staring at it endlessly with their mouths wide open. For her it's the world and expression of true freedom.


She would like to tell women to come forward and claim their rights, Also ensure safety while on road. On the current biking scenario she feels that there should be more tracks and MotorSport events in India.


Her personal achievements include 1st runner up position in Motocross XAdventure event in Lucknow, She is planning for All States Ride, covering all the state capitals of India in the near future with her biker busband.


Vartika Jain
Vartika Jain Srivastava is a passionate woman biker from Varanasi. She has done various long distance rides on her KTM Duke 200 motorcycle covering various places. She has started a group of lady riders (Bikerni) in Lucknow and brought a change in the riding scenario, starting from one rider girl to 12-15 rider girls. She is now working to bring that culture in Varanasi and then in entire UP. 

She is a rider who has broken many stereotypes and the foremost emphasis of her work is 'Women Empowerment'. She has organized, participated and volunteered in  many social activities like Launch of Women Helpline Uttar Pradesh 1090, Blanket Distribution, Cleanliness Awareness, Helped the Earthquake victims in Nepal with the relief aids, Charity Programs and participated in various ride for causes.


She was always fascinated with bikes since her childhood. In 2007, her friend Mr. Ambar Srivastava (now husband) asked her to try once and finally after observing she was quite passionate to learn riding. She chose this uncommon field to prove that women are no less and has created a platform for all girls who are interested in riding and motivating others who wanted to groom their talent (especially in uncommon fields).


She chose the KTM Duke 200 because as compared to other 200cc and below cubic capacity bikes Duke 200 is the most aggressive one. With such low kerb weight and high short stroke engine, it can rev very high, making overtaking and feel of acceleration quicker than all other bikes in the same segment.

She planned a ten day journey with 4 riders to fulfill her passion of riding by setting a record in India Book of Records, Asia Book of Records and Limca book of Records’ by riding to Tso Lhamo/ Cholamu, the highest lake of India at an altitude of 17,490 ft.  She has became the first girl in the history of Lucknow to win the Motocross Dirt Race on her KTM Duke 200 bike.


She feels that every individual has a unique talent which he/she should try to know and groom it because people come and die but those who make their identity and bring good change in the environment are always remembered and also considered to be the one who lived their life not wasted. So be the change that you wanted to see in the society/people. Women are not weak they can do everything and achieve anything whatever they want. For this they just need to become stronger and passionate about their goals and keep themselves motivated. Life is not meant to be finished on roads so Ride safe with proper gears and always wear the helmet, even if it’s a walk-able distance.


On the current biking scenario she says that for decades, motorcycle has been a means of commuting for routine work. But by the time people realize that the riding is freedom, living every bit of life especially for those who love to travel and explore the unexplored. This led to the evolution of motorcycle riding culture that exists today. Now the motorcycle has provided a way of life, a counter-culture and a source of identity for a group of people who have, at times, been marginalized by society.  In India, Riding is grown as a lifestyle and pleasure riding. Not only men, even the females are taking interest in riding and breaking the stereotype. It has evolved so much that there are super bikes and we have mechanics, service center for every brand, after market accessories, full body gears, etc. Currently, many companies are looking up to India as an upcoming hotbed for the motorcycle industry. Apart from this, for the racing and professional stunting, Government and other private companies have provided a setup where riders can learn and perform in protected environment. 



Garima Kapoor




Garima Kapoor, a law graduate from Uttar Pradesh loves to ride. Her mother is her biggest inspiration and teacher, and has taught her to ride and fought for her to buy her a bike.

Her most memorable biking events include TVS Himalayan-Highs Ride to the highest motorable road 'Khardung-La' She won the Radio City... City ki bullet 2017 where there were 100 people and only 2 bullets to win by luck and she got lucky with no. 74.
Her first bike was average 150 which is still with her which her mother selected for her. She knew from the very beginning that she had a crush on this bike when it was launched for the first time. She had always seen the bike on Discovery Channel and the Avenger was so similar to what she had always adored on screen. 
She says that anyone can do anything and if you do not try then someone else will, so why not you. Fly high even if you have to do it on wheels. No one is less or more than other,  all you have to do is give and take hands to make your world a better place. 
On the current biking scenario she says that now a days biking is growing fast as passion and this is so pleasing to see when society gives importance to something which was just a mode of transport earlier.  The society is changing and giving positive eyes to women on bikes, praising and encouraging them.  The only concern for all bikers now a days is helmet. Everyone should wear a helmet not to save money from police but to save themselves. 
She was awarded by Rita Bahuguna Joshi for riding from Lucknow to Varanasi and back for "181" which is a women help line number. She has done many rides for women empowerment.  She has made it to India book of Record by riding the highest motorable road in the world 'Khardung-La' on 110 cc scooter and riding bikes for different causes.
She has also received many awards for swimming, high board diving, aquatic sports, kick-boxing and taekwando. Currently she has started giving sports coaching for free to children in the age group 5 to 10 years in "1098 baal greh".
Vasudha Agrawal

Vasudha Agrawal, a teacher by profession feels that she is spiritually linked with her bike and riding is what fascinates her. She believes in the philosophy of 'Life is Better when lived' and she purchased her bike to fulfil her dream, passion and zealous attitude.


She got a chance to ride a bike in her college days and always knew that riding is something she believes in. When on a Leh Ladakh trip, she saw some riders and thats when she decided to buy a bike. She rides the Bullet Classic 350 and buying her first bike was not at all a tough decision. Ever since she started knowing about bikes , Bullet was her first love and when it came to buying, she clearly knew which one to go for as BULLET,was her first love.

Her first biking trip was to Dhangadi, Nepal and was very happy to make it to the first ride of her life..that too an international ride. Riding to Leh-Ladakh through some of the most breathtaking, challenging and awe inspiring landscapes, majestic Himalayas and plains is close to her heart as it was concluded safely overcoming all the challenges on the way.


A message that she would like to give is firstly, girl riders- Nothing is tough if you decide to do. Do not turn back and see if you have started something which you feel is right, no need to be afraid of the people who pull you down and tell you that you can't because there is no such word. Secondly, all the riders- It’s better to sweat than to bleed so always wear protective gears and ride safe. Your way of riding is your message to the world. Make sure its inspiring!


On the current biking scenario she says that Biking has always been a dream for many since years and still is. But in the present time technologies, gadgets and new advancements in the biking world have upgraded the level of biking and made biking a motivation for many by making the journey easy. In the modern world where people spend a shocking amount of time blocking that world out, in the biking world on a bike, we the riders are no longer looking at shadows, but seeing the true objects of world, experiencing them with all our senses.