MotoGirlndia West Bengal – Navneet Kaur (Nivia Singh)

Editor@Throttle|Updated: August 23, 2017 9:30
Navneet Kaur (fondly called as Nivia) is a passionate rider from Kolkata.An entrepreneur by profession, she loves to travel a lot. Motorcycling is a source of freedom for her and gives her a sense of independence.
She feels that riding is as basic as breathing. When she rides, she feels empowered, and her body gets filled with bright energy. Known as Bullet queen among friends, she is Bikerni Kolkata as name denotes.
She chose the Royal Enfield, a name synonymous with durability and masculinity in the world of motorbikes. The 350 cc engine, air cooled harmony of rumbling noise as you climb the RPM meter sets her going. The most memorable rides are with her son sitting at the back. He enjoys biking with her. 
She would like to encourage those women who think they cannot do the same. Hopefully, she has been able to ignite some sort of courage in them to not fear "living". Since we only live once, make that once good enough. 
On current biking scenario she says that Changing how a woman is perceived in Kolkata has been an experience of sorts. While she has faced several stares and even catcalls while on bike, there's nothing that satisfies her more than taking her Enfield out on the streets, manoeuvring it easily through city traffic. Moreover, her bike gives her power and the ability to ride a bike gives her confidence. She gets pleasure in revving, giving the bike an old-school-kickstart, and  wear the helmet like a crown.