Motorcycle Innovation builds a new Triangulated Steering and Suspension System (TS3)

admin@throttle|Updated: August 10, 2016 16:42
mcy innovation

Motorcycle Innovation (Motoinno) of Australia has come up with a new concept that has shrunk the front suspension system. For decades, telescopic forks was the solution available.


The front suspension system of high performance bikes is under extreme pressure of braking, steering and keeping the tyre grounded. Every time a brake is applied, the tyre pushes the suspension backwards and then when there are bumps, the suspension is moving upwards, backwards and sideways. This makes the bikes unstable and the front suspension has to bear the weight. Most manufacturers have been providing forks upside down, but still the required stability is not achieved. Then there is a hub centre steering use on Bimota Test 3D and Vyrus Motorcycles that mounts the front wheel on a swing arm, which is then attached to the engine. But this does not take the weight of the front and eliminate brake drive. There is a hindrance in steering and this steering system is complex and hence not widely accepted.


Motoinno’s TS3 (Triangulated Steering and Suspension System) has a suspension designed around a bike. The front suspension system works like a parallelogram and the wheel is held by a triangular brace that is always at a constant angle. There are two more arms attached to top and bottom of braces that connect to the pivot points mounted on top and bottom of chassis. This counters the braking forces and keeps the bike neutral. The top part of the triangular brace is linked to the handle bar and the beam is independent of the entire system. This way the steering system is isolated for the suspension. The system can be tuned to any preference and the absence of large tubes around the handlebar gives a tight turning radius to bikes. The TS3 prototype was tested by Australian rider, Cameron Donald and the results were amazing. If this new technology proves itself, it is sure to storm the racing world in due course of time.