MV Agusta To Debut Auto Clutch System On The Updated Turismo Veloce Lusso

Editor@Throttle|Updated: June 13, 2018 8:55

MV Agusta along with a American company called 'Rekluse' has developed an auto clutch system which will be first seen on the updated Turismo Veloce Lusso sport tourer, which the company will launch soon. The idea of offering an automatic clutch on performance bikes isn't something new. For example, the Honda Africa Twin offers a dual clutch automatic transmission in India. 


MV Agusta is doing it for the first time and the Turismo Veloce Lusso, is a proper sport tourer. More sporty than tourer probably! It might be possible that MV Agusta uses the same application on some of it full blown sportbikes in the near future as well.  On the Turismo Veloce, the Smart Clutch System or 'SCS' as MV Agusta likes to call it, will be offered as an option along with a bi-directional quickshifter as well. This could mean that the bike will shift gears automatically, without the use of a clutch lever. It could be a simpler alternative to the more common CVT and the DCT like on some Honda motorcycles.


This particular clutch can detect the change in the revs and work automatically, without the rider having to pull the clutch lever in. Of course, in certain cases, where the rider wants full control of the output, will still have the same on the bike. The advantage is that this will make the problem of stalling disappear altogether. MV Agusta could also increase the power output on the bike from current 110 bhp to 125 bhp. In case a customer wants to add the SCS option on their Turismo Veloce Lusso, it will cost about 700 Euros.


Article Source : CarAndBike