No Smaller Jawas for India or the World

Editor@Throttle|Updated: January 5, 2019 14:54

Jawa’s resurrection has been very well accepted in the market. Apart from the products, they are listening to the customers as well – a quick testimony to that is the official announcement of the introduction of dual-channel ABS in the coming months.  They started with the 300 cc engine platform of the Mojo. This has ensured that they save money and more importantly can go to the market a lot quicker. 


The next product in the lineup is the already announced Perak which comes with a displacement of 334cc. This is the same engine with a bigger bore and obviously more juice. So the question now is What next?


 In formal and informal talks , CEO of Classic Legends (the company which has launched Jawa in India and which is owned by Mahindra), has only hinted one thing – there will NOT be a smaller Jawa! Which means that Jawa/42 will be the entry level Jawas and whatever will be envisaged in the coming times, it will either carry the same engine(s) or will be bigger in displacement. So for now there is no possibility of 200cc or quarter litre Jawa.


Article Source : BikeAdvice