Non ISI Helmets to be banned. Should foreign brands be banned too?

Editor@Throttle|Updated: August 8, 2018 8:22

The Road Transport and Highway Ministry has issued a notification stating that two-wheeler helmets which do not comply with the norms of the Indian Standard Institute (ISI) will be banned from usage. The new rule will come into force within the next two to three months. According to the new reform, manufacturing, storage and sale of non-ISI helmets will invite arrest without warrant. The new move will also lead to a fine of at least Rs 2 lakh or two years imprisonment, for the first offence.

As per initial reports, the Ministry has given a two-month notice period to such low-quality helmet dealers. They have to either destroy the helmets or liquidate their business within the time period. The Ministry recently introduced new standards for ISI helmets. This will reduce the recommended weight of helmets from the current 1.5kg to 1.2kg. This move will surely curb malpractices and the sale of spurious and fake roadside helmets and avoid fatal injuries.

The new move will also affect foreign helmet brands which adhere to international standards. All such models should now comply with ISI norms and standards to be sold in the country. India is a huge market for popular helmet brands such as Arai, AGV, HJC, Shoei etc. and the new rule, in essence, will make them illegal (until they comply with ISI). There are many riders in the country who have been using these imported helmets as they comply with European and American standards but they seem illegal in the eyes of the Road Ministry.


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Article Source : DriveSpark