RACR Riding and Racing school to be held on July 15

Editor@Throttle|Updated: June 25, 2018 14:53

RACR (Rajini Academy of Competitive Racing) is holding its next school on July 15, 2018. It will be a one-day event and be open to riders of all levels – beginners, intermediate or skilled. The schedule includes training, refreshments and photographs. Safety gear is also available on rent, but students are expected to carry their own helmets


The school will be held at Kari Motor Speedway in Coimbatore and be open to everyone above the age of 11. Both, theory and practical sessions will be held at the racetrack. Students can either rent a TVS Apache RTR race bike or bring their own motorcycle with the only requirement being that its engine displaces 100cc or more.


Article Source : AutoCar India