Rajini Academy of Competitive Racing

admin@throttle|Updated: August 9, 2016 16:24

Rajini Krishnan, nine time National Road Racing Champion across multiple categories recently won the inaugural Pirelli Malaysia Superbike championship (MSC) at the Sepang International circuit, Kuala Lumpur.


Earlier in 2015, he launched RACR, the Rajini Academy of Competitive Racing which has been his dream project. RACR is a motorcycle riding and competitive racing training academy. It will play host to all activities related to motorcycle racing like track booking, track days and track schools. RACR is Rajini giving back to the sport which has made him what he is today while also helping riders develop their skill of track riding and to make riding a motorcycle a pleasant experience for his students both on and off the track.
Rajini along with instructors Alex Cudlin, Shivanesan, Deepak Ravikumar and Andrew Stone successfully conducted two track days till date with the first session which took place at MMSC, Chennai and the second at BIC, Delhi.

While there is a lack of motorsport infrastructure as well as lack of awareness about motorsport and such training schools, RACR is a welcome step for the amateurs as well as the pros.

Watch this space to know RACR’s next training school schedule.

Rajini Academy