Riding Destination : Diveagar

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About Diveagar

Diveagar (Dive Agar) is a village located in Shrivardhan Taluka, Raigad district in  Maharashtra, approximately 170 kilometers south of Mumbai.The area is peaceful, clean and sparsely populated. The region includes a fishing settlement, a beach and a temple. The beach is an ideal getaway for riders.
Distance from Pune -Approx. 160 kms
Riding Route - Pune-Mulshi Rd-Tamhini Ghat-Mangaon(via SH-97)-Mhalsa Rd-Diveagar
Nearby Places of visit
Diveagar beach
Shrisuvarnaganesh Temple
Dos and donts
Avoid riding on the Tamhini Ghat in the evening as it is deserted and there are not many shops.