Riding Tips for Summer

Editor@Throttle|Updated: May 16, 2018 8:24

With the temperatures going high in most parts of India, it is still the best time to set out and ride due to vacations.  Keeping a check on safety gear and staying hydrated are the key points to remember during summers. Here are a few tips that can be followed for an exciting ride.


Make a ride plan

The soaring temperatures can make you feel weak and dehydrated. Make a proper riding plan and stick to it if you are riding solo. Do take into consideration the various stops en route. Using Throttle Biking App can help you get emergency care (SOS) and also stay connected with fellow riders.

Dress properly and cover your skin
Your skin gets damaged and burned quite soon as it is in direct contact with sun rays. You may be tempted to ride around in shorts and a T-shirt but make sure that you wear full-length clothes that cover as much exposed skin as possible. Wear light riding jackets to stay cool. Also wear riding gloves as it will prevent your hands from heat. Wearing the right kind of safety gears will keep you protected. Wearing a cotton T-shirt underneath the jacket will help in absorption of sweat. Also avoid wearing tight clothes. You can also try Ventz Cooling System to keep cool.
Wear cool riding gears 
When temperatures rise higher, a cooling vest is worth it. Basically, it is a vest that is filled with tiny beads that retain water. This is a much better solution than soaking your t-shirt, as cotton does not retain water and evaporates quickly. Hair Guard underneath a helmet can also help to stay away from sweats and itches.  Cooling vests usually don’t bloat up as much with the retained water Wear riding jackets and pants that have mesh so that hot air is circulated and keeps you cool. 
Keep yourself  hydrated 
Riding in heat for long hours and being exposed to sun can make you dehydrated. Make sure you drink ample amounts of fluids and are not dehydrated at any time. Keeping a hydration bag handy is a great choice. 
Plan to start early in the mornings
Riding through the day in the summers can be a real test on the body. So to ease up that stress it is better to start up early in the morning. That way you can ride through the morning when there is hardly any traffic anywhere you can munch up miles with superb ease and also the heat is really pleasant allowing you to ride in a relaxed manner rather than sweat it out in the afternoon sun. Also plan for proper breaks in between your ride time.
Include stops on your route
One of the best ways to rejuvenate yourself is by getting out of the heat, into a cooler environment. You meet interesting people during your route, and sip on some refreshing drinks..A quick stop can enable you to ride another 45 minutes even in the worst heat, so plan your ride along roads that have services and conveniences no more than 1/2 hour apart. If it’s too hot and you’ve got a two hour ride before your next stop, you’re putting yourself through unnecessary misery and risk.
Keep a check on your bike fluid levels

Engine oil is the hardest hit, and must be checked at the end of every day for long trips. Coolant level is also critical, as that is the only thing stopping your engine from overheating and potentially killing itself.One more area that needs to be looked after would be the chain. In hot weather, chains become dry much more quickly as compared to normal conditions. Keep it thoroughly lubricated and tight. A good idea would be to walk around your bike every time you stop, check all the fluid levels, chain tension and lubrication, and just look for anything out of place.


Get a dark visor for your helmet


A dark visor is great to keep your face evenly colored. Some people wear heat resistant balaclavas, that do not cover your entire face, some part of the nose always remains exposed. 

Riding in really hot weather is certainly not a bad idea when you are completely prepared. Remember to hydrate, keep your skin covered, use protective riding gear and eyewear, and avoid hazards. Do not let the heat weaken you to the point where you are not fully attentive to traffic conditions and the road. Basically, you must consider how your body will deal with the heat. Reducing the effects of convection, through covering up and wetting down, will reduce the amount of heat that your body deals through evaporation. Covering up in the heat will keep you cool and make your rides enjoyable.