Road Safety Awareness Week : Give Way To Ambulance

Editor@Throttle|Updated: January 16, 2018 9:38

An important part of Road Safety Awareness campaign is 'Give Way to Ambulance'. Whenever the ambulance light is flashing or the siren is on, it means a life is at stake. Every second counts in such situations and medical emergencies need to be given the topmost priority. 

In an over populated country like India where traffic woes and snarls are common at every corner of the country, people complain that it is impossible to give passage to ambulances. But simple methods and being sensitive to people can solve the problem without any difficulty. 
What can we do to Give Way to Ambulance?
1. Move to the left
People should understand that there is a life at stake in the ambulance. Awareness should be spread among riders that they should move to the left once they hear the siren, so that the right side will be made free for the ambulance to pass through. People who do not follow this rule should not be ignored by others; instead, they should be made aware about the gravity of the situation and should be reported.
2. Stop The Traffic
All the traffic should come to a halt on the left side until the ambulance passes. No vehicle should be allowed to move until the ambulance has passed safely. Do not try to rush to the left side, but move slowly and steadily making way for the ambulance. Do not panic. We do not want more people in the ambulance.
No exception should be made for VIP vehicles regarding the rule of letting emergency vehicles like ambulance pass by. Driving is a privilege but every person has right to live. Do not put your privileges ahead of other’s life. There is nothing much the traffic police can do without the help of fellow motorists and pedestrians. Be a  responsible citizen and not just follow the traffic rules, but report those who don’t.
3. Stop Parking On Roads
Parking on the side of roads should be prohibited. It narrows the lanes creating traffic jams which hinders the passage of ambulance even when other motorists try to co-operate. If whole of the left side of the road is occupied by parked vehicles, motorists will have tough time allowing safe passage to the ambulance.If you are stuck because of a parked vehicle that made it difficult for the ambulance to pass, report it to the traffic police. Stern measures should be taken against the vehicles that narrow the lanes by parking on side of the road.
In addition to these , do not wear headphones or play music loudly in your vehicle which may not allow you to hear the sound of the ambulance on time. Be alert when you are riding and save life. Someday it could be your life.
Throttle is promoting 'Give Way to Ambulance' with Flying Squad club. If any club is interested in taking part in this Road Safety initiative,  they can email us at