Road Safety Awareness Week : Importance of Indicators

Editor@Throttle|Updated: January 17, 2018 9:12

With the alarming rise in road mishaps on Indian roads, it has become extremely necessary for riders to make use of all the safety equipment on the vehicles. Signals form an integral part of your overall riding plan. Signalling your intention clearly is one of the most important safety practice. The turn indicators are especially important because the rider uses these safety lights to warn other road users of his intention to turn towards right/left or change lanes.

On the road, you will need to use signals to let other road users know what you are planning to do. It is important that you understand the signals both, so you know how to use them and you know what to do when you see someone else using them. You must use signals to tell other road users when you are changing course or direction, stopping or moving off.
Most riders prefer to give hand signals while riding but these can be confusing to others. Such confusing communication only adds to chaos. Hand signalling, that is commonly used on roads will not work at nights when visibility is low. It is hence advisable to use indicators for safe riding. So it is righly said 'There is a reason for the indicators being there, use them'. 
Signals for turning

Use your motorbike direction indicator lights to show when you are going to turn. Be careful to use your indicators in good time to warn other road users what you are going to do, but not so early that it could confuse others. Make sure your indicators are cancelled as soon as possible after you have turned. Your position on the road will also help road users to understand what you are doing: move to the correct position on the road in good time, e.g. moving towards the centre of the road if you are going to turn right, at the same time as using your indicators.


In addition, direction indicators can also be used if you need to take a U-turn or pull into or out from a kerb or side of the road.