Royal Enfield UK range launched with ABS

Sanad Qazi|Updated: January 17, 2017 10:44

Royal Enfield has introduced ABS for all of the models in its UK portfolio. The range starts at Bullet 500 priced at GBP 3,999 (Rs 3.28 lakh), going all the way up to GBP 9,999 (Rs 8.2 lakh) for the Himalayan.  


With Euro IV norms coming into force by April 2017, motorcycles that don’t meet the rules at that point can no longer be sold as new models. With the introduction of these updates, the 2017 Continental GT is GBP 400 (Rs 32,808) more expensive than last year’s model, while the Chrome 500 is pricier by GBP 700 (Rs 57,409). Both the Bullet 500 and the Chrome 500 get a 240mm rear disc brake. ABS is being offered as standard.  



Though details are still to be out, the 2017 Royal Enfield motorcycles are expected to get the auto headlamp on (AHO) feature and a retuned engine to improve emission figures. While the Royal Enfield models sold worldwide are produced in India these updates may not be introduced here anytime soon as they might drive up the costs and cause a drop in demand. ABS might be offered as an optional extra by the end of this year.   


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