Scarab Motorcycle Concept

Editor@Throttle|Updated: September 6, 2018 11:54

While the Scarab sounds like a bike you’d likely drive around in the desert it’s actually designed with urban situations in mind. The bike can adapt to sit completely upright while parked so it takes up as little space as possible in a crowded city parking lot. In fact you and 3 of your friends using scarabs can fit your motorcycles in a standard sized space for a car.


Designer David Miguel Moreira Gonçalves envisions the Scarab to be used as a rental vehicle as a convenient and eco-friendly transport solution.


The vehicle is composed of interchangeable modules that can be customized. A powerpack module composed of a permanent battery plus 3 options for the main energy pack (battery, biofuel ICE or a fuel cell). It comes with 4 wheel drive through electric brushless in-wheel motors with directdrive, wheels with regenerative braking through EW Brakes, drive by wire and tactile HUD embedded in the Lexan canopy. It features structural elements in carbon-aramid composite,  embedded sensors, lidar, radar, transponders and GPS. These serve to exchange information with the system, with other drivers and to have precise location data.


Article Source : Wheelers/Yanko Design