Steelbird introduces Hi-GN line of helmets

Editor@Throttle|Updated: June 7, 2017 10:00

Steelbird has introduced a brand new line of motorcycle helmets in India christened Hi-GN. The emphasis with this new line has been on improved hygiene for riders, hence, the name. The company claims that the washable and removable interior is made from a high-performance fabric that keeps riders fresh even after extended use in hot Indian summers.


The material itself is claimed to be anti-allergic, anti-bacterial and have anti-odour properties as well. The inner fabric gets a bacterio-static coating at the fibre level, which inhibits the growth of bacteria and also makes the insides of the helmet less of an irritant when in contact with the skin. Apart from the improved comfort factor, Steelbird says that this works well to prevent scalp infections.


The shells of these Hi-GN helmets are constructed from ABS plastic and have a multi-layer variable density EPS layer inside for impact absorption. They get multiple vents at the front and back for air circulation over the rider’s head when in motion and the visors are claimed to have an anti-scratch coating. These helmets meet the IS 4151 safety standard issued by the Bureau of Indian Standards.


Article source : AutoCar India