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Supercross, also known as SX are off-road motorcycle races that are held in large sports stadiums or venues created specifically for the same. Supercross is said to be an ‘Americanized’ version of motocross. It is the most acclaimed motorsport in the USA after NASCAR based on the fan following.
The man behind SX is Mike Goodwin, who, in 1972 held the first supercross in the Los Angeles Coliseum. The winner of that first event was Marty Tripes, and he went on to win 11 titles making him a leading AMA motocross and Supercross rider of the 1970s and early 1980s. The sport helped bring motocross (also known as MX) to the public in a much easier fashion. The stadium venues provide the ease of getting to the event, parking, nice seats, food, and more rather than spectators traveling out to a rural farm or pasture to enjoy a battle of MX.
Supercross races are run on man-made tracks which consists of dirt, sand, mud, grass/steep hills, dirt roads, muddy tracks, sharp turns and other obstacles. These tracks generally have much tighter turns and are more technical when compared to motocross tracks due to the limited space of an indoor arena. Supercross and motocross participants are basically the same riders riding the same motorcycles. The races are shorter, with many big jumps and crowd pleasing obstacles, and that makes timing and precision more important than just top speed.
The supercross season takes place during the winter and spring months, partially due to more controllable indoor climates involved. Currently, the biggest SX series in the world is the AMA/FIM Supercross Series, which is primarily a 17 round series in the USA. It is the echelon of off-road motorcycling in the world. The sport is also expanding at a rapid pace worldwide with many countries hosting supercross series and exciting new series developing in India, Australia and China. In India, we have events like Pune Invitational Supercross, Stalwart Invitational Supercross, Ashoka Sports Club Mini Supercross, and MRF MOGRIP FMSCI National Supercross Championship happening throughout the year across the country. Among the many supercross riders worldwide, the popular ones are Travis Pastrana, James Stewart and Chad Reed who are the inspiration of every aspiring SX rider around the globe.