Suzuki Biplane Concept

Editor@Throttle|Updated: July 9, 2018 7:44

Suzuki Biplane Concept was unveiled at 2007 Tokyo Motor Show inspired by biplanes. Suzuki Biplane is a combination of innovative technical solutions and extravagant design. The style of their offspring in common with the biplanes of the era of the formation of aviation.


The Biplane design uses a V-4 engine with Longitudinal Position and girder fork in the front and rim mounted disc brakes. On the front, Suzuki Biplane is using a speedometer instrument panel that integrates with the motor tank, Headlamp LED, plus equipped Girder Fork (Girdraulic) that we often encounter in a super old motor. From behind his body that dikelir classic Gold color, we can see there is a Cylinder Head & Neck exhaust that poked out from behind his body. The exhaust is hidden under the cowling and the link-type rear suspension can be seen just below the seat.


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This bike is generally inspired by the first Classical Aircraft Model in the World “Biplane” found by the Wright Brothers. A futuristic display panel is built into the top of the bike instead of conventional meters. The design uses colors similar to the canvas often found on older aircraft, and the lack of any wind protection would also leave the rider exposed to the elements – similar to the pilot of an open-top aircraft.


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