Suzuki has shared the price list of its bikes

Sanad Qazi|Updated: November 25, 2016 9:12


  April 2012November 2016
SlingShot Plus-GT125SCD                                 Self-Disc-Alloy49,777.00                               55,721
Gixxer SF (Moto GP)                                86,781
Gixxer SF (Moto GP-Rear Disc)                                88,857
Gixxer SF (Normal)                                85,268
Gixxer SF (Normal-Rear Disc)                                87,343
Gixxer SF SPL. ED.                                88,857
Gixxer SF (FUEL INJECTION)                                93,499
Gixxer                                76,650
Gixxer (Dual Tone)                                77,650
Gixxer (Dual Tone-Rear Disc)                                79,726
Gixxer SPL ED.                                80,726
ACCESS (DRUM)                                53,887
ACCESS (DISC)                                57,200
ACCESS SPL ED. (DRUM)                                55,589
ACCESS SPL ED. (DISC)                                58,900
SWISH46,257.00                               52,642
Lets                                46,441
Lets (Dual Tone)                                47,442


Prices of Suzuki Big Bikes


DL1000AL6                         Vstorm                                 1,345,000
Hayabusa (CKD)
VZR1800L6        Intruder                                 1,595,000
VZR1800BZL6       Intruder BOSS                                 1,645,000
GSX-R1000                                 1,600,000
GSX-S1000                                 1,225,000
GSX-S1000F                                 1,270,000
LT-F250 (Ozark)                                     545,000
LT-Z400 (Quadsport)                                     850,000

*all prices Ex-showroom Delhi  


Suzuki Motorcycle India Private Limited (SMIPL) is also offering cashless schemes on all Suzuki products in partnership with Paytm and HDFC Bank to help prospective customers during demonetisation.

Customers can book any Suzuki two wheeler by paying an amount of Rs. 20,000 through Paytm and finance the remaining amount, hence eliminating the need for any cash transaction. They would also get a Rs. 3000 cashback from Paytm upon vehicle delivery.

In addition, any Government employee or HDFC bank account holder can avail 100% finance for Suzuki two wheeler products from HDFC Bank.


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