Suzuki Motorcycles to bring Electric scooter, motorcycle in India by 2020

Editor@Throttle|Updated: July 7, 2018 8:45

Suzuki Motorcycle India will be joining the ranks with its four-wheeled siblings in an electric avatar with the launch of an electric two-wheeler in India by 2020. The root cause of this announcement can be traced back to the meeting between Suzuki Chairman and Indian Prime Minister in 2017, after which they announced plans for Suzuki to invest Rs 1,700 Crore in India along with Denso and Toshiba to manufacture Lithium-ion batteries in India. Up until now, the Lithium-ion batteries remain the most expensive part of an electric vehicle, and still require to be imported, leading to high price tags.


As per reports, Suzuki India has requested a module for an electric motorcycle as well as an electric scooter for the Indian market. Meanwhile, the company has set up a research team in India with the help of KPMG, to understand the metrics, cost and feasibility of electric scooters and motorcycles in India. The research team will primarily focus on the manufacture of electric scooters, but will also look at the manufacture of electric bikes in India.


Suzuki Motorcycle’s Managing Director  said he was keen on supporting the government's vision of adding electric vehicles to the Indian market, especially considering that their parent company is already in the process of setting up their lithium battery plant in Gujarat. This will allow costs to be relatively controlled, allowing the upcoming electric two-wheelers to be positioned as a mass-market product rather than a niche up-market product like the rest of the electric two-wheelers on sale in India presently. He, however, confirmed that they would have their electric two-wheeler ready for India by 2020.


Article Source : FinancialExpress