Suzuki Nuda concept

Editor@Throttle|Updated: March 30, 2018 9:08

In 1986, Suzuki unveiled the Nuda at the Tokyo Motor Show. Based roughly on the contemporary GSX-R750, it was equipped with the Gixxer's 750cc inline four mounted to, presumably, a standard gearbox. The bike's real party piece was its futuristic suspension and final drive. It had a single-sided swingarm and shaft drive with a single perimeter brake rotor. This left the handsome six-spoke cast wheel open for all to see on the opposite side.  The Nuda was two-wheel drive, and an extremely futuristic front swingarm with hub-centered steering. 


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A rare concept bike, it had  claimed top speed north of 170 miles per hour. It was reported that the Nuda never went into production due to high manufacturing costs and some rumored reliability issues with the two-wheel drive system. The bike was a classic example of full bodywork, aggressive stance, anime look giving it a futuristic look.


Article Source : RideApart