Suzuki’s EX7 engine likely to reach production

Sanad Qazi|Updated: May 24, 2017 7:57

Suzuki has filed a new series of patents that suggests it is working to bring a turbocharged bike to production.  The patent applications show that the engine has similar design, layout and components as the original EX7. Also visible is a trellis frame, as opposed to the aluminium chassis used in the Recursion concept. The plumbing indicates that the turbocharger will be located at the front, and will get a dedicated intercooler. The twin balance shafts are an attempt to reduce vibrations. There’s been no word about the performance so far, but we can expect it to be on par if not better, than the current crop of middleweights.  


The Japanese manufacturer first showcased their attempt at introducing forced induction for motorcycles at the Tokyo Motor Show 2013 with the Recursion concept. Displacing 588cc, this turbocharged parallel-twin engine was said to develop 100bhp and 100Nm of torque. Again in 2015, Suzuki previewed the same technology with a slightly higher capacity, though this time around, the powertrain had a name - ‘EX7’. Suzuki even registered ‘Recursion’ as a trademark, further fuelling rumours that the motor could be heading for production.   


Turbocharging is one of the means that car manufacturers have been using to extract better performance from compact engines, while keeping emissions in check. Our best guess about seeing a production version of the bike or the engine would be the next Tokyo Motor Show, which will be held in October.  


Article Source: Bikewale