Team IndiMotard becomes first Indian Team to complete 2017 BAJA 1000

Editor@Throttle|Updated: November 23, 2017 8:51

Team IndiMotard has made it to the finish line of the 50th SCORE Baja 1000! It is the first ever Indian team to compete in the event, managed to end the gruelling race, with all riders in good health. The team, comprising Anand Dharmaraj, Gurpinder "Nick" Sarao, Aditya Devabhaktuni, Ilyas Bham, Bhaskar Ramani and Gurinder Singh battled on over the course of the event, tackling the endless amounts of sand and silt until they crossed the finish line.


This team of riders, didn't take the usual route of doing the 250, and 500, before building up to and attempting the Baja 1000. Fortunately, the team didn't face major roadblocks on their way to the finish line. There were a couple of glitches, and there was the hassle of having to coordinate logistics. Where the next rider change would happen, and when the team needed to be there was planned earlier but most of the things were figured along the way.


Article Source : OverDrive