The Sci-Fi monobike – Ryno

Editor@Throttle|Updated: July 24, 2017 8:47

Ryno is a small, all-electric "micro cycle" designed by engineer Chris Hoffmann. Produced by Ryno Motors of Portland, Oregon this bike can be called "A one-wheeled, ultra-efficient, urban personal transportation device of the next generation."


It is a self-balancing, battery-powered electric scooter with one fifteen inch motorcycle tire, some handlebars, a couple headlights, a fully sprung suspension, an adjustable seat, and a surprising amount of style. It even has charging ports for your phone!


The Ryno weighs around 160 pounds and is powered by two electric motors run off a pair of quick-change battery packs. The batteries charge in about six hours, and the Ryno can travel fifteen miles between charges. It has a top speed of around 10 miles per hour, about the speed of a brisk walk. It's definitely more suited to dense urban areas and traffic-choked streets rather than the open road. Ryno is expected to be seen on streets soon.


Article Source : RideApart