Throttle supports Biking Buddies initiative on Road Safety Awareness on Teachers Day

Editor@Throttle|Updated: September 6, 2017 14:41
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On the occasion of 'Teacher's Day', Biking Buddies, Bangalore had organized a session on 'Road Safety Awareness', for which Throttle was the biking partner. The event marked the interaction of teacher-student relation, where experienced bikers spoke to college students of East West Institute of Technology, Bangalore about various accidents and the importance of wearing safety gears.


The event was held at East West Institute of Technology at 12.00 pm on September 5, 2017 (being Teacher's Day) followed by a 1 km short ride outside the college campus, where a group of riders rode with their helmets and riding gears, stating the importance of protective gears. The event concluded at 1.30 pm.


Mr. Mithun Gowda of Biking Buddies introduced the audience about basics of Accident Awareness. Bikers from Wild Born Foxers gave a detailed presentation on the root causes of accident. The guests of honors - Chakravarthi Sir, senior member of the biking community and Vasudev Acharya Sir, along with the Principal of East West Institute of Technology were felicitated at this ceremony. Mr Chakravathi spoke about how valuable each one's life is and at any given time a mother will always choose her child's life under any circumstances. Mr. Vasudev Acharya spoke about his journey across the country, stating that no part of his body has ever been replaced, to lighten the mood of audience. He also spoke about a group riding incident, where an individual lost his life due to drinking and riding. The Principal of East West Institute of Technology spoke about various accidents. Mr. Nandhi spoke about losing one of his leg on a blind curve when he was riding near Chamundi Hills, Mysore. Even though he was on the correct side, a lorry which was over-speeding ran over him, making him lose his right leg. He has been without a leg for the past 12 years and appealed to everyone to be safe on the road. He ended his speech by saying " DO NOT CREATE ANOTHER NANDHI'. Mr. Vivek who was a street stunter earlier had met with a small accident that made him realize the value of his life and then got into Dirt Track racing with proper safety equipment. This was followed by concluding speech by Binoy of Biking Buddies who briefed the audience that it was only the right riding gear that saved his wife's life when she met with an accident.


Mr Sunil Kumar of Throttle interacted with everyone and distributed Throttle stickers and badges to college students by asking them to take pledge “ I will always ride with helmet” & “ Will follow all traffic rules."


Throttle Team urges everyone to Be Safe on Roads, Follow Rules and Wear the correct Riding Gear!