Thrustcycle unveils Gyrocycle – a self balancing motorcycle

Editor@Throttle|Updated: January 3, 2017 12:33

Thrustcycle, based out of Honolulu, has unveiled its new self-balancing electric motorcycle prototype, the GyroCycle. Not only is the GyroCycle self stabilizing, it’s also electric, morphing two trends in motorcycling that continue to garner traction. 



“The GyroCycle an energy efficient vehicle with rock solid stability,” says Thrustcycle Enterprises LLC President Clyde Igarashi. “The gyroscope functions as both a stabilizer and mechanical battery so you get the benefits of both.” For self stability, the GyroCycle utilizes internal flywheels, which create a gyroscopic effect that ensures the bike will remain upright and stable both during riding and while at a standstill (when powered  the GyroCycle’s system maintains a fixed plane in space, the vehicle will be less likely to lose traction when going into turns because the gyroscope will maintain lateral integrity. “The self-balancing function gives the rider more control and greatly increases safety.”  GyroCycle will have a range of about 80 miles (129 km) and a top speed of 75 mph (121 km/h).


Thrustcycle says the first production models will be completed this year, and it aims to be the first company to bring a self-balancing motorcycle to the market and it says that the cost should be under $20,000.


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